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Experienced leaders in off the plan developments 

Our tailored approach to residential development

We understand that every new residential development project is unique in its makeup, from the location to the building type, the developer’s plans and the potential buyer market. Division provides a tailored and consultative approach to project marketing that allows collaboration to occur at each and every stage of a new development’s process. This methodology allows our team to be intuitive and adaptive in order to achieve the best results.

Our services

Division’s agents are the market leaders in off the plan residential development sales and their local area knowledge and proven track record in project marketing allows us to provide valuable and reliable support for a broad variety of new residential development projects. Our services include:

Site identification and acquisition

Highest and best use studies

Market research

Strategic sales and marketing campaigns

Our tailored approach​

Unique development

Division’s expert design team and agents collaborate with developers to create unique and intelligent new residential projects.


We work with developers to identify a clear segment in which to market the residential project with a unique selling proposition to reach the right buyers.


Experiential marketing is key to enabling potential buyers and investors to visualise the property off the plan and to achieve optimal sales results.


We understand buyers have unique needs that need to be met in order to enter into a successful contract.


We utilise a multi-faceted approach to generate ongoing demand. Our long-term relationships with buyers and ongoing prospecting for new buyers places us at the forefront to generate demand.


Customer service and repeat business are key to our sales activities.


Your Division,
leaders in project marketing 

Our brand is new, our experience isn’t. With over 50 years of experience in residential development project sales and marketing, you can rest assured that your project will be marketed to its full potential to achieve the best results possible. Our team is passionate, energetic and experienced, having worked on multiple premium developments and off the plan projects in their careers. 

Your project with Division 

Our team is available to discuss your project, marketing and off the plan sales strategies and their plan to optimise the results achieved for your residential development project. Register for a meeting or call with our team to hear how your project would thrive with Division.