Residential project marketing for new developments

Division offers a suite of services to help developers imagine, plan, market and sell one of a kind projects. Throughout every stage of our process our focus is on providing expert project marketing knowledge and guidance as well as an elevated level of customer service that helps to deliver unique properties and exceptional results for all involved. We work with you on all areas of a development from site acquisition, product mix, zoning and best use case studies to potential revenues, DA processes, market analysis and sales & marketing strategies.  Discover our diverse range of residential project sales and marketing services for new developments below today.

Site identification & acquisition

Driven by cutting edge technology and built by our in house team of data analysts, we map and identify the best land sites yet to be developed within the greater Newcastle, Hunter, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens regions. Our expert guidance provides developers with a complete, full value proposition to help with initial site acquisition.

Highest & best use studies

Division applies our market knowledge to appraise any vacant land or property to provide recommendations on best use through a consultive approach. Throughout the process of any new development, we’ll work with local government bodies and with developers and buyers to ensure the best outcome for an investment.

Market research

Our team of more than forty real estate professionals collaborate with industry experts to research and deliver developers with the relevant data necessary to seamlessly plan and complete a development.  We rely on both inhouse data and external leading intellectual capital to perform continual market research and analysis.

Strategic sales & project marketing campaigns

We have a fresh and experienced approach to project marketing based on almost 50 years’ experience reading and understanding trends, property market cycles and new developments. Our marketing encompasses a broad strategy-based approach that utilises a range of tools, giving our clients a comprehensive approach to selling, marketing and obtaining the best possible outcome in any property market climate.

Property investor & home buyer relations

Our agents are established in the greater Newcastle, Hunter, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephen’s region and have nurtured long-term customer relationships with potential investors and buyers. We provide buyers a personalised service when promoting new development offerings that encourages repeat business and helps find the best fit to fulfil their desires. These relationship gives us the scope to fulfil multiple residential projects for our developer clients at any one time.

Plan your next residential development project today

If you’re planning a new development and would like to enlist our services, please contact us for a preliminary call or meeting.